For parents from parents who understand.

We know how tough it's been because we've been there, too.

A note from Jason, our CEO

By the time we launched Undivided, I had 13 years of personal experience with the lack of quality support that's available to parents raising children with disabilities.

Deciding on, and sometimes even just locating, all of our care options, health insurance benefits, service providers, and educational resources is a complex and often overwhelming process. One wrong step can also mean missing out on critical opportunities and resources. Managing and making these choices alone can quickly become a second job, which means less time spent with the people we're doing all of this for: our kids.

We know firsthand that it doesn't just take a village to raise a child. It takes a supportive team of professionals who can help you advocate for the resources your child needs, experts to help you navigate the complicated bureaucracy of public benefits, and other parents to share what they've learned and offer support when times get tough. We launched this company because we've learned that we're stronger when we work together.

Our Values

Unstoppable communities

We stick by each other through the joy and overwhelm of caring for a child with disabilities because we know we can overcome bigger challenges and achieve greater triumphs when we work as a team.

Tapping the untapped

We've all got reserves of knowledge waiting to be shared with just the right person. That's why we show up ready to share, learn, and grow alongside each other.

Advocating fearlessly

We are tenacious in our fight for access and support, both for our own children and for the children of families like ours.

Creating action

We're here to make waves together and change the way society cares for families raising kids with disabilities.

Join the Undivided team.

We're always looking to add like-minded Navigators, experts, and other movers and shakers in the disability field to our community.

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