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5 Biggest Myths About Inclusion

When you push for inclusion in your child’s IEP, you might hear negative feedback from the rest of the IEP team, like “Interventions can’t occur in the gen ed classroom,” or “This school doesn’t do inclusion.” Dr. Caitlin Solone will tell us how to respond to these misconceptions about inclusion and how to advocate for your child!

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Learn about inclusion in education

Inclusion is the process of changing the school environment so that a student with unique challenges can be successful. Learn how it should look here!

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Get tips from our inclusion warriors

Undivided parents Karen Ford Cull and Iris Barker explain how they stopped looking for the perfect inclusive school and are creating a new path.

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Discover how behavior supports can be inclusive

We often hear the myth that behavior is a prerequisite for inclusion. Learn how positive behavior supports can include children with extensive behavior or support needs in general education.

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