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How to Write Inclusive IEP Goals

IEP goals drive services and placement, and are perhaps the most important part of an IEP. If you’re looking for an inclusive setting for your child, how do you know what kinds of goals will work in a general education classroom, and how do you write them in a way that will lead to that placement? Dr. Caitlin Solone, education advocate and faculty at UCLA, will tell us everything we need to know to write inclusive goals!

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What to expect

Your goal-writing questions answered!

Are there changes you can make to goals to get services like speech and OT to be pushed in rather than pulled out? Are there some goals that aren’t appropriate in a gen ed setting for students who need more one-on-one instruction? What about best practices for grading with modified work? Dr. Solone will answer these questions and much more!

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Gain expert knowledge

Most often your IEP team will provide goals, and you can review and suggest changes - but you can also write your own goals! Dr. Solone will explain how to do this in a way that ensures your child can spend as much time among their peers in a general education setting as possible.