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Transition IEPs: How to Make Big Jumps Without Falling

Transitions are difficult for most of us, and they can be especially challenging for our kids. When your child is moving from preschool to kindergarten, or to middle or high school, your school will hold a transition IEP meeting to set your child up for a successful move. We’ll take you through your transition IEP and how to introduce your child to their new team and school.

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The transition to Kindergarten

Learn from a special education advocate how to prepare your child for kindergarten and ensure that their school provides enough support.

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The transition to middle school

Going from elementary school to middle school significantly shakes up a child’s daily routine. Learn how to make the transition smoother here!

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The transition to high school

High school is full of both opportunity and a lot of new pressures. Learn how to help our kids gain greater independence in preparation for a meaningful future.

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