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Undivided is a trusted partner helping parents raising kids with disabilities dream bigger and achieve more through community, collective knowledge, and resource support. Whether you're securing a stronger IEP or looking for an OT who actually makes your kid laugh, we're there each step of the way.

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Getting families the tools they need to handle life's chaos and move forward with confidence. Our dedicated Navigators, library of collective knowledge, and parent-led support spaces connect families and create breakthroughs because we're stronger when we can work together. We're stronger when we're Undivided.

Built by families who understand.

We're here to get kids the support they need and parents the support they never even knew was available because we've been there, and we know everyone deserves to have a trusted partner by their side.

We're in your corner.

We'll be your loudest cheerleader and your fiercest ally. Whether you're wading through insurance forms or just trying to get your kid to eat more than one type of food, we're ready to answer the call.

Knowledge is power.

Collective knowledge goes beyond parenting tips and expert advice. When we pool our personal experiences, we take the luck out of finding the support we need, transforming everyone's ability to support their child.

Secure more benefits.

Understanding what you're entitled to and knowing how to get it shouldn't be a part-time job. Our Navigators help you manage the nitty-gritty so you can access the services you need — and reclaim your family time.

Space to find parenting calm in life's chaos.

Interesting things happen when you're organized, educated, empowered, and supported. We make space for unexpected breakthroughs and celebrate them when they come.

Get the right school plan.

We know IEP red tape and educational bureaucracy can be a nightmare. We'll empower you with the tools you need to advocate so your child can thrive in the classroom and beyond.

A world of tools, right at your fingertips.

You know what you need but getting it can be tough. With Undivided, you'll gain access to a wide library of resources, community content, and exclusive events that meet you where you are.

Community-driven support.

Unique challenges lead to a unique kind of joy. You deserve a support system that understands and celebrates both. Our group spaces are designed to connect you to families with needs and goals just like yours.

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