Big Goals, Small Steps.

We know it can sometimes be hard to see beyond any given challenge. We'll help you set goals, tackle them, and celebrate all the victories, big and small.

How It Works Register and download the Undivided app to gain access to a vast network of support. Together, we'll set a goal for your first 30 days and help you move forward.

Start with
the basics.

Tell us a bit about your child's strengths, loves,
and needs, so we can match you with the
Navigator who will best fit your family's precise
goals, priorities, and personality.

Download The
Undivided App.

After registration, you'll receive a welcome
packet with a link to download our exclusive
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Meet your

Once we assign a dedicated Navigator to your
family's account, you'll be able to schedule your
first boost call right from the app.

Create a Family
Vision together.

Your Navigator will work with you to clarify
your priorities and get your child's care team
on the same page. You'll determine immediate
goals that move your family forward and
identify bigger dreams that build on your
child's strengths and loves as you start this
journey together.

your goals.

Once you've set achievable goals, you'll build
momentum by accessing articles, how-tos,
resource lists, educational videos, and our
exclusive network of experts.

Use the App.

Our biggest strength is our network. The Undivided app makes it possible to build a secure digital profile, pool resources, engage with each other, discover new tools that work for your family, and connect with experts who can provide unparalleled support. We'll help you:

  • Stay organized
  • Track goals
  • Share documents
  • Meet with your Navigator
  • Build a community with other parents
  • Connect with experts
  • Reduce the unknown

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