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Undivided partners with you to help you navigate the unique challenges you face every day. Use our app to digitize your paperwork, achieve more with 1:1 coaching from a Navigator, and join our free, inclusive member community to get support and answers on almost any topic from people who’ve been there.

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The easiest way to understand what we do is by experiencing it. That’s why we offer a free, no-risk intro. You’ll be matched with an Undivided Navigator who’ll work with you to kickstart your goals.

Start with the basics.

Get matched
with a Navigator.

Tell us about your kid (or kids). Not just their diagnoses but their strengths, loves, and needs as well as the needs of your whole family — yes, your needs are important, too! Then we’ll match you with a Navigator who has experience working with families like yours.

Start with the basics.
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your goals.

Kickstart your goals by partnering with your Navigator to define your needs and wants, prioritize your near-term goals, and map out actions you’ll take to get there.

Kickstart your goals.
Meet your Navigator.

Define your
Family Vision.

Work with your Navigator to clarify your priorities and get your child's care team on the same page. Determine immediate goals that move your family forward and identify bigger dreams that build on your child's strengths and loves.

Create a Family Vision together.
Create a Family Vision together.

Find your

Explore our inclusive member community to find like-minded families, ask questions, share stories, and feel supported by people who get it.

Community-driven support.
Kickstart your goals.

3-ring disaster.

Discover a better way to organize. Need to find a referral? How about last year’s IEP? Create your digital binder with Undivided, then securely sign in and access your documents from anywhere.

Download The Undivided App.
Use the app.

Use the App.

Our biggest strength is our network. The Undivided app makes it possible to build a secure digital profile, pool resources, engage with each other, discover new tools that work for your family, and connect with experts who can provide unparalleled support. We'll help you:

  • Stay organized
  • Track goals
  • Share documents
  • Meet with your Navigator
  • Build a community with other parents
  • Connect with experts
  • Reduce the unknown

Your Navigator is here for you.

They've been on this journey before and are ready to help guide you every step of the way.
Speak with a member of our team to understand how we can help.

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"My Navigator understands what it is like from a parent perspective so I feel seen, heard, and understood."

– The Haskew Family

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"I feel that there is a community I am part of and can contribute to in a meaningful way."

– The Albers Family

3 / 3

"To have someone who listens and understands, validates fears, and finds solutions is so helpful."

– The Smith Family
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Kickstart with Undivided.

You’ll be matched with an Undivided Navigator who’ll work with you to kickstart your goals.

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