Undivided: How to Find the Best Summer Camp for Your Child with Disabilities

3 Tips for a Successful Summer Camp Experience for Your Kid

Event Recap
Mar. 29, 2022Updated Mar. 22, 2023
It's that time of year when summer camp registration opens! How do you make sure a particular program is right for your kid, and what are your funding options? We sat down with Undivided Research Lead Adriana Roze to hear all about this summer's opportunities for kids with disabilities and how to access them. Here are the top three takeaways from our live event!

Learn about your options

Many summer programs, whether in-person or virtual, are an invaluable source of growth and development, offering the chance to improve social skills, have educational fun in STEM and visual arts, and get some physical activity in. To help parents learn about the available options, we compiled an extensive list of summer camps, classes, and programs that accommodate kids with disabilities.

Summer 2023 Camps and Classes

All the programs on our list are vetted by the Undivided Research Team to ensure that they'll benefit our kiddos. In this clip, Adriana explains what she and her team look for before recommending a camp or class to parents:

Talk to the program director

You have a list of camps you're interested in, but how do you determine which one will provide a great experience for your child and meet their specific needs? Talking to the program director can be a great resource. Check out Adriana's advice in this clip for five questions to ask when you're vetting a camp:
For a written list of questions and more information about what a camp should provide, check out this article about finding summer camps for kids with disabilities.

See if Regional Center will fund the program

If you're a Regional Center client in California, you may be able to get funding for social-recreational classes and programs. In the clip below, Undivided's Public Benefits Specialist Lisa Concoff Kronbeck offers advice for working with your local Regional Center to fund a summer program:

You can read much more of Lisa's advice in our article How to Get the Most Out of Regional Center This Summer.

We're grateful to the members of our research team who put all this information together and presented it during our live event! In the chat window during the event, Tara W. commented, "SO APPRECIATE THIS! Thanks to you and your team, Adriana." Yolanda RN said, "I was looking through your website, and holy moly so much info on activities and camps!"

If you missed the event or want to review what we learned, you can watch the full recording here. If you have questions about social skills classes and other programs, make sure to attend our next live event to ask your question in the chat and hear from our experts and fellow parents! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to learn more.




Learn about your options

Talk to the program director

See if Regional Center will fund the program

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