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Unite and Conquer with Parent Lelah and SLP Ali Steers: Jack's AAC Journey

Event Recap
Dec. 23, 2021Updated Jul. 8, 2022

Every parent familiar with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) knows that finding the right program or device for their child — not to mention learning to use it! — can be a long journey. On Monday, December 6, the dream team of parent Lelah Coppedge, RN, and speech-language pathologist Ali Steers gave us the ins and outs of living the AAC life.

Check out the highlights or watch the full recording below!

Ali stresses the "augmentative" part of AAC. Our kids are already communicating in a variety of ways, like using facial expressions and gestures, and AAC gives them even more tools to communicate. Watch the clip below for Ali's explanation of how AAC should really be seen as a language.
There's a wide variety of AAC options out there. As Ali says, the most important factor in determining the right option for your child will be how the AAC device or program helps them access and develop language. Check out her explanation in this clip:
As Lelah says, parents and their kids need to expect that learning and using AAC will be a long-term endeavor with plenty of ups and downs. Listen to this clip for her advice as a parent, and hear encouragement from Ali about finding a specialist who will help you and your child along the way.
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