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Top 6 Resources for Kids Physical Therapy at Home

Top 6 Resources for Kids Physical Therapy at Home

Published: Aug. 20, 2020Updated: Oct. 3, 2023

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As we know, it’s nothing short of miraculous when we manage to carve out time for physical, occupational, speech, behavioral, or other therapies in addition to everything else that goes on in a day. So take heart! Our research team has found a wealth of online materials put together by therapists, artists, parents, app-makers, cookie-bakers, and all-around creative people that offer exercises, videos, and fun activities across a variety of platforms. In Part Two, we’re focusing on websites, apps, and articles to help incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Be sure to check out Part One: Occupational Therapy and Part Three: Behavioral Therapy, too!

Websites & Inclusive Livestreams for Physical Activities at Home

Active for Life: Physical Activities for Children

  1. Active for Life: Physical Activities for Children

This section of the Active for Life website offers different physical activities that can be enjoyed by kids of all abilities. The entries are tagged with the skill being used (for example, balance, striking, kicking, volleying, throwing, catching, and dribbling), and the length of the activity is clearly marked (most are 10–15 minutes), as well as the recommended age range.

  • Age range: Varies per activity
  • Cost: FREE

Go Noodle dance videos for kids

  1. GO Noodle

This website offers hundreds of videos created by child development experts that engage kids with movement and mindfulness. The videos benefit kids’ physical wellness, academic success, and social-emotional health.

  • Age range: Varies
  • Cost: FREE

Fitness bingo to play with kids at home

  1. PE Central

PE Central’s at-home physical exercise PDFs contain activities for students to engage both body and mind. Examples include fitness hangman, fitness bingo, and activities to do in a limited space.

  • Age range: Varies per activity
  • Cost: FREE

Exercise Apps to Help Kids Stay Active

Exercise Buddy app

  1. Exercise Buddy

This app focuses on helping children with autism by offering interactive exercise videos that promote better fitness and behavior. Features of the app include social narratives, visual supports to help students make the exercise connection, more than 150 exercise videos and the option to create your own, and technology-aided instruction and intervention that engages students and collects data to measure progress. Exercise is shown to reduce problem behaviors and increase on-task behavior, and the combination of visual supports, video, and technology will enable children with autism to succeed in physical activities.

  • Age range: All
  • Cost: FREE 14-day trial; $4 per month per profile or $36 per profile per year.
  • Platform: Tablet devices only (iPad, Google Chromebook, and most Android tablets)

Yoga app for kids

  1. Cosmic Kids

This app has more than 400 videos to help kids practice yoga and other relaxation techniques through movement. The videos are ad-free to make sure kids have a safe and fun time exploring movement.

  • Age range: 2+
  • Cost: Free trial for 2 weeks, then $10/month or $65/year
  • Platform: Stream on mobile (iOS and Android), desktop and TV (via Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV)


  1. NFL PLAY 6O

This app was developed by the American Heart Association to encourage kids to run, jump, and play fun games with a football twist. Motivational tools include collecting coins to get points and unlock NFL gear to customize avatars.

  • Age range: 4+
  • Cost: FREE
  • Platform: iPhone and iPad



Websites & Inclusive Livestreams for Physical Activities at Home

Exercise Apps to Help Kids Stay Active

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