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Top 7 Resources for Kids Occupational Therapy at Home

Top 7 Resources for Kids Occupational Therapy at Home

Published: Aug. 20, 2020Updated: Oct. 3, 2023

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As we know, it's nothing short of miraculous when we manage to carve out time for physical, occupational, speech, behavioral, or other therapies in addition to everything else that goes on in a day. So take heart! Our research team has found a wealth of online materials put together by therapists, artists, parents, app-makers, cookie-bakers, and all-around creative people that offer exercises, videos, and fun activities across a variety of platforms. In Part One, we’re focusing on resources to help incorporate occupational therapy into your daily routine. Check out Part Two: Physical Activities, and Part Three: Behavioral Therapy, too!

Occupational therapy apps

Cookie Doodle app

  1. Cookie Doodle

This app lets kids get creative while improving fine motor skills. Kids use the app to make, bake, decorate, store, serve, and eat virtual cookies. And don’t worry about boredom setting in: the app includes 24 recipes that let you “pour the vanilla, crack the eggs, shake the salt, and interact with the other ingredients.”

  • Age range: 4+
  • Cost: $0.99
  • Platform: iPhone and iPad

Cut the Buttons app

  1. Cut the Buttons

This is exactly what it sounds like: an app for cutting buttons. It is interactive and requires users to maneuver virtual scissors — using their thumb and index finger — to cut buttons off pieces of fabric to earn points.

  • Age range: 4+
  • Cost: $1.99 (also offers in-app purchases)
  • Platform: iPhone

Fruit Ninja app

  1. Fruit Ninja

This super fun and addictive game also works well in pediatric OT. Patients use their fingers to slice fruit with swords while avoiding bombs. In “event mode” players can battle against other fruit ninjas.

  • Age range: 4+
  • Cost: FREE (offers in-app purchases)
  • Platform: iPhone and iPad

Websites to help with occupational therapy at home

OTPlan occupational therapy activity ideas for kids

  1. OTPlan

OTPlan helps you find activity ideas and can be easily sorted by skills or common household materials. They offer activity ideas that support sensory and motor development through games and other engaging activities. In addition, you can purchase Skills in a Box, which is designed to promote your “child’s developmental skills and supports academic standards at the convenience of your home.”

  • Age range: Boxes are aimed at children ages 3 and up
  • Cost: FREE activity ideas and articles with “Skills in a Box” for purchase.

Ideas for occupational therapy activities at home

  1. Occupational Therapy and E-learning: Resources, Activities, and Next Steps

Occupational therapist Katie McKenna, MS, OTR/L, provides a list of ideas for ways families can support their child at home during school closures. Her suggestions are specific to goals or needs (such as fine and gross motor skills, handwriting and visual motor activities, sensory skills, and daily living and executive functioning skills) and can be realistically done at home within natural routines. Resources include printable activities such as an indoor scavenger hunt and a visual “calm calendar” that includes physical activities.

  • Age range: Not specified
  • Cost: FREE
  1. DIY Ways to Meet a Child’s Sensory Needs at Home

This article includes recommendations from trauma-informed and special education teachers, OTs, and other service providers for advice on making at-home sensory spaces and activities, creating sensory tools from items found around the house, and best practices for meeting kids’ sensory needs, such as the colorful guided breathing video above.

  • Age range: K–8
  • Cost: FREE

Ideas for fine motor skills at home

  1. 25 Fine Motor Activities Using Household Items

This is a list of 25 fine motor activities that can be done at home. Activities include help with pincer grasp, finger isolation, thumb opposition, tripod grasp, hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination, and midline integration.

  • Age range: Toddlers through kindergarten
  • Cost: FREE

Enjoy! We'd love to know what works for you and your family!



Occupational therapy apps

Websites to help with occupational therapy at home

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