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What IEP accommodations should I ask for to support my child with autism?

What IEP accommodations should I ask for to support my child with autism?

Published: Mar. 23, 2023

The most common accommodations that help students with autism achieve academic success include:

  • Providing visual supports (schedules, first–then strips, checklists, visual models/directives)
  • Limiting language when presenting directives (being concise and to the point)
  • Embedding motivation
  • Using reinforcement
  • Priming
  • Pairing verbal directives with visuals (modeling, written directives, etc.)
  • Using visual schedules (picture-based, words)
  • Building on behavior momentum
  • Modeling and using Social Stories
  • Incorporating mindfulness regarding sensory needs and embedding sensory strategies
  • Providing social facilitation and social pragmatic supports
  • Providing support for executive functioning needs such as organization systems and limiting distractors in the classroom (e.g., posters on the walls)
  • Providing assistive technology supports and tools for access to instruction (low tech and high tech — for ideas, see IEP Assistive Technology Tools to Empower Students with Disabilities)
  • Allowing the use of fidgets
  • Allowing flexible seating options (standing, wobble chair/stool, rocker, etc.)
  • Providing a calming corner and/or sensory room access
  • Scheduling movement breaks
  • Allowing extended processing time (specify number of seconds)
  • Allowing extended time on tests/quizzes/assignments
  • Chunking assignments
  • Teaching self-monitoring systems
  • Giving options to respond in a variety of ways
  • Providing supports such as sentence and paragraph frames, an editing checklist, a transition word list, or a math operations word list

For more information about developing an IEP for a student with autism, see our article Getting a Child with Autism the School Supports They Need.

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