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What is Undivided?

What is Undivided?

Published: Aug. 1, 2023Updated: Aug. 16, 2023

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While there are various programs and benefits available to families raising kids with developmental disabilities and learning differences, we all know these resources can be difficult to coordinate and put into place. Undivided is a parent-driven support system that helps families access all the programs and benefits available to their kids.

Whether parents need help getting the most out of an IEP, navigating public benefits, or finding a specialist, we connect families with:

  • A digital super binder in the Undivided app to upload and share medical, school, and therapy records from anywhere
  • 1:1 support on the Undivided app to help identify priorities, set goals, and accomplish tasks with customizable checklists
  • An extensive library of resources and step-by-step guides created with disability experts
  • Regular live events with experts on the topics that matter
  • An inclusive community of fellow parents to share resources and provide support

1:1 coaching from experienced parents and professionals

Most of our Navigators are themselves parents raising kids with disabilities, so they offer empathy and guidance as well as practical solutions to help parents access the resources their families need – including resources that parents may not even be aware of yet. Our Navigators are backed by experts in insurance, public benefits, and special education to provide answers to questions and 1:1 support every step of the way.
Visit our Membership page to learn more about working with a Navigator and our other support services.

Organize everything in your pocket

With the experience and expertise of thousands of families and experts across California, Undivided has built an invaluable database of knowledge that parents can access from anywhere with the Undivided app for web and mobile. In addition to the hundreds of free articles and videos in our Parent Resources hub, Undivided members can access step-by-step guides to help them accomplish goals like applying for IHSS, appealing a Regional Center decision, or preparing their teen for the transition to adulthood. Parents can message their Navigator at any time for assistance.

The Undivided app also serves as a digital super binder to store important documents like an IEP or 504 plan, medical records, insurance paperwork, and more to keep it securely in one place. The app features an event calendar and customizable checklists to make organizing everything as easy as possible. Take a look at all the included features and pricing here.

Check out how the Undivided app can help you organize everything you need to handle IEP prep, assessments, and more:

Be part of the Undivided community

Undivided: Supporting Parents Raising Kids with Disabilities is our private Facebook group for creating an inclusive, supportive community to trade resources, ask questions, get recommendations, and share in the joys and challenges of parenting our unique kids. Any parent of a child with a disability is welcome to join!

We also host regular live events streamed on Facebook where we invite community members to ask questions in the chat to be answered by experts in public benefits, special education, and more. Recordings of past events are available on our Parent Resources page, and you can check out our YouTube channel for extensive video resources for families raising kids with disabilities, whether you need a one-minute explanation of an IEP or a breakdown of IHSS protective supervision.

About Undivided

Undivided was founded in 2020 by dedicated parents and professionals who knew they could make a difference for families by combining innovative technology with the power of collective experience. Learn more about our mission here.

Try Undivided for free

It’s easy to try all the benefits of Undivided membership for free by scheduling a Kickstart. Over the course of 10 days, parents can meet with a Navigator to discuss priorities, learn whether their child is accessing all the resources they qualify for, build a plan for accomplishing goals, and start uploading documents to their digital binder. At the end of the Kickstart, parents can decide what level of support is right for them going forward. (Some families can even get their Undivided membership covered by Regional Center!)

Get started by signing up for your Kickstart here.



1:1 coaching from experienced parents and professionals

Organize everything in your pocket

Be part of the Undivided community

About Undivided

Try Undivided for free

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