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In California, Regional Centers form a vast network of support for individuals with disabilities. Check out these resources to learn more about what services Regional Center provides, whether your child is eligible to receive them, and what to do if you receive a denial. You can also learn about the Self-Determination Program and how its flexible funding offers benefits to kids who are eligible.

What services might Regional Center provide for my family?

Some of the most common services offered by Regional Center include early intervention services, respite care, child care, social skills classes, behavioral therapy, and parent training. Check out our article Regional Center 101 for a much longer list. You should note that every Regional Center is operated independently, so the available services may differ.



What services might Regional Center provide for my family?

How do I apply for Regional Center services?

Who helps develop the Individualized Program Plan?

Where can I find funding for social-recreational programs for my child?

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Related Parent Questions

What services can the Regional Center provide?
Each Regional Center operates independently, but the basic framework for early intervention services will be similar across Regional Centers. This may include occupational, speech, and physical therapy as well as behavioral intervention services, medical equipment, and respite services.
What is Regional Center?
Regional Centers are nonprofit private corporations that contract with the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities.
What is the referral process for Regional Center services?
Referrals to the Regional Center may be made by anyone, including parents, family members and medical providers. Parents who have concerns about their child’s development and wish to self-refer can contact their local Regional Center.
Will Regional Center pay for behavioral services?
The Regional Center may refer parents to community resources, fund educational sessions or workshops to aid parents in addressing their children’s behaviors at home, or fund in-home consultation with a credentialed behaviorist.
Will Regional Center fund respite services?
The number of respite hours provided is based largely on the extent of the child’s care needs. Additional respite hours may be available on an emergency basis, e.g., due to a family health emergency or for parents to attend training or conferences related to the child’s disability.
Will Regional Center fund child care services?
Regional Centers may be able to fund specialized child care services parents who work full-time or are enrolled in job training or education programs beyond the child’s school day. The child’s care and supervision needs must exceed that of a non-disabled child of the same age.

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