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What's the difference between ESY and summer school?
ESY is designed to prevent kids from regressing while summer school is designed to catch kids up who missed learning during the year or accelerate them.
What is FAPE?
Under IDEA, public schools are required to provide a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to all students with disabilities.
Where can I find a summer camp for my child with a disability?
If you're in the Southern California area, check out our annual roundup of summer camps, classes, and programs that accommodate kids with disabilities.
Where can I find support for my child's specific diagnosis?
We’ve compiled a list of organizations in the United States where you can learn more about common disability diagnoses and find community support.
What are the most commonly diagnosed developmental disabilities?
Some of the most frequently diagnosed developmental disabilities include cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and ADHD.
What resources can help pay for my child with a disability to attend college?
Funding options may include an ABLE account, Regional Center, the DOR, scholarships, and federal funding such as a Pell Grant.
How can I prepare my teen with a disability for college?
It's recommended that you focus on self-help skills — asking for help, using a cell phone to send a text, etc. — high-school participation, and most importantly: encouragement.
Where can I learn more about college programs for students with disabilities?
Think College lists 311 inclusive programs nationally, including 18 programs in California, that provide disability support.
What are college options for students with disabilities?
In general, there are two main pathways to college that are available to students with disabilities: a standard program with accommodations or a non-degree program.
What benefits programs is my child with disabilities eligible for?
California utilities offer discounted energy rates for families who have lower household incomes or participate in certain public assistance programs.
What is a conservatorship?
A conservatorship is a court case where a judge appoints a person to care for another adult who cannot care for themselves or manage their own finances.
How do I communicate with my child's 1:1 aide?
It's recommended that you speak to your child's case manager or teacher if you have any questions or concerns because aides are not trained to talk to parents.
How can my child with a 1:1 aide socialize with peers at school?
Overusing 1:1 paraeducators can have negative effects on students, but for students with more significant support needs, an aide can be crucial for inclusion.
Can I request a specific person to be my child's school aide?
Parents can request a paraeducator with certain training, but they cannot request particular individuals, just services or specific skill sets.
What is a paraeducator?
Paraeducators juggle many roles in schools, supporting teachers during instruction and supporting the learning and well-being of students.
What do I do if school staff physically restrains my child?
If you believe restraint and seclusion are being misused, you may want to call an emergency IEP meeting and present the case to the team.
What is a superbill?
A superbill is not just a paid invoice; it is a medical receipt that the health plan will accept for processing out-of-network services.
What happens if my child needs to take medication at school?
If your child needs to take medication at school, their Individualized Health Plan (IHP) should clarify important aspects of medication monitoring.
How do I let my child's school know about their health needs?
An IHP is a great way to make sure the school staff is informed about your concerns and that plans are in place to address the unique health needs of your child.
What is an Individualized Health Plan (IHP)?
An IHP gives the school all the important and necessary information about your child, identifing and documenting your child’s health needs.
As a parent of a child with a disability, how do I take care of my mental health?
Managing expectations and being okay with things not going 100% according to plan can also help ease anxiety and stress.
How do I help my child with sensory difficulties?
Prep, prime, and plan! Empower them by having an escape plan and/or safe word ready if they need to leave a stressful situation and hide out for a while.
Can Regional Center pay for an Undivided membership?
The Lanterman Act allows Regional Centers to fund parent training and education outside of the Regional Center to meet a specific IFSP or IPP goal.
How do I help my teen find job training?
To access job exploration services, a student with a disability between the ages of 16–18 or their parents may contact any DOR office in California.

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